4 Preparations to Study in the Netherlands

June 27, 2019

What are the preparations to study in the Netherlands? It is likely a dream for many people to study in a place with a high-quality education. One of them is Netherland. Yes, the country that is located in Europe indeed has some international-class campuses dreamt by many people. You can just name them; the University of Amsterdam, Groningen University, Utrecht University, and more. If you are lucky, you can go there with some preparations as follow.

The Language of Instruction

There are mainly 2 languages used academically in the Netherlands; they are English and Dutch Language. Well, let’s assume that you have been fluent in English. That’s good but not enough. Months before you are going to the country, you must learn more about the Dutch language in both written and spoken forms. Even some colleges and scholarships require you to have an understanding in Dutch although being not too fluent is understandable.

The Academic Culture

Just like many other colleges in Europe and even in the world, colleges in the Netherlands try to apply the interactive teaching and learning process in the classroom. Yes, the students are required to speak up and share about their minds if they want to be more successful. In general, the academic culture in the Netherlands is indeed focused on active participation.

The General Culture of the Netherlands

In fact, studying in the Netherlands is more than just academic life in the college. Outside the college, you must face the real life including interacting with people around, renting a boarding house, buying foods, and more. In other words, there are so many things about the Netherlands cultures that you must learn about and practice more. So, starting from now, make sure to read more about Dutch people and cultures. It is not something to difficult nowadays since there are many books and websites around that talk about the matters.

The Chosen College and Scholarship

It has been mentioned above that there are many qualified colleges in the Netherlands. Well, starting from now, you must choose one of them along with the alternative. The most important thing about choosing college is that it provides a study program that you want to enter in the Netherlands. When you have a background related to the study program to choose, it is better for sure. You can also gain more information whether there is a possible scholarship to apply or not. If you are able to study in the Netherlands for free, it is more interesting, isn’t it?

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