Cheapest European City to Achieve a Bachelor Degree in European Universities

July 4, 2019

There are wide ranges of European universities that popular and famous as a favorite destination for an international student to study abroad. However, if you have a limited budget for universities cost but still want to study abroad in Europe, where the country that you should choose but still get high-quality standard education? Here is some recommended cheap country in Europe that have high European universities but still affordable.

  1.    Norway. Norway is another popular destination for international students that looking for low-cost study education. Universities in Norway offer free tuition cost into local and international.
  2.    Germany. Germany is one of the most popular student destinations to study abroad. This because Germany has a high education system which free tuition cost and low living cost. This country is popular Europe destination for obtaining an Engineering degree. The cost of living in Germany expected around 800 EUR/month.
  3.    Poland. Poland is Europe country that has very cheap tuition fees compared to other fee-paying from other Europe countries. The cost of living in Poland is also considered cheap. The living cost in Poland is around 500-700 EUR/month. For an international student that not come from EU country and not speak Polish, they expect to spend pay average tuition 2.000 EYR/years for English taught bachelor program.
  4.    Estonia. Estonia is a country that considered new destination for international students. However, this small country has attracted many international students from around the world as the tuition fee is very cheap compared with their neighbor country, Finland which starts charging a tuition fee for international students.
  5.    Austria. Austria is home for classical music’s, the classic legend Mozart is from Austria, with beautiful scenery landscape with high mountains, deep rivers, and awesome architecture design. Although this is a small country in Europe, you will enjoy study without worrying bustle of a large city. The cost of living in Austria is around 800-1200 EUR/month.
  6.    Spain. This is one of the friendly lists of international student’s destination that always sunny. As a bachelor degree student, you can end with a budget of around 700-1100 EUR/ month. There are over 70 top universities to pick up. Study in Spain also offers great opportunity to learn the second most spoken language in the world.

Of course, from the list above, there are still other options of the mid-cost university that you can still consider. For international students, there are also opportunities to work while finishing their study. Of course, there are certain regulations to follow if want to work while study for international students.

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